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Landfall CD (2022)

Saxton/Olsen Duo

The recorded repertoire ranges from Baroque to modern day, and traverses between darkness and light, improvisation and two recording premieres; the first church sonata ever penned for the pairing of trumpet and organ and the latest environmentally inspired title composition: 'Landfall' by Judith Saxton. Borrowing from oboe d'amore parts, vocal oratorio and two soul-rending Spirituals, this recording's soundscape travels from the bright and invigorating piccolo trumpet to the heartfelt and soothing lyricism of songs.

Landfall (2022): Saxton/Olsen Trumpet and Organ Duo. Independent Release.

Landfall Reviews

The perfect example of Wind and Song

Vincent DiMartino

The American & French Muses CD (2017)

Saxton/Olsen Duo

This recording of the Sarah Graham Kenan Memorial Organ (C.B. Fisk, Op. 75) at the University of North Carolina School of the Arts features both solo organ works and works for trumpet/organ duo. Frost and Wind by Ted Oliver (composed for performers) is one of three pieces to receive their recording premieres.

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The Human Heart: Voices of Women (2021) 

with Elaine Ross

I was honored to be asked to collaborate with these two incredible musicians for this all-women recording project. Teri's voice is incredible and Elaine's compositions are effective and thought-provoking. I encourage you to check it out!

Concert & Contest Pieces for Trumpet 

with Allison Gagnon

This compact disc recording was the 2011 International Trumpet Guild (ITG) CD provided to all members that year (@5,000). It is a  wonderful, robust collection of important works that are excellent choices repertoire for recital or competition, some  of which had never been previously recorded. The  remaining selctions were recorded  over 50 years ago, and  only on vinyl.  As such, this updated recording featuring the poised and powerful Allison Gagnon on collaborative piano remains an important resource for trumpeters globally. It is only available for purchase through ITG, and is linked here for you to do just that!

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