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Alexander Technique

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Alexander Technique is a 100+ year old method developed by F. M. Alexander, a well-known orator and actor from Tasmania, Australia. Though his voice was critical to his profession, by age 26 it had already begun to fail him. After consulting the lead physicians who indicated it was ‘all in his head’, he embarked on a multi-year study of himself via the ‘video camera’ of his day (the mirror) seeking how he might be contributing to his own condition. In the 1890’s his discoveries were among the first to point to the potent mind-body connection, and the technique he subsequently developed utilizes this pathway for the student to access more ease, efficiency and freedom in all their activities.  Initially known as the ‘breathing doctor’, he restored his own voice, yet was sought after by so many that he soon began to train others in England and later the USA how to teach his technique, even starting a UK school for young students.  It is not surprising that performers of all kinds seek out his discoveries due to the increased mental and physical demands of their professions.  Alexander’s revolutionary technique presents a practical process by which one's whole self may be re-educated to restore, refresh and renew one’s innate coordination, allowing for choice in every moment and a fundamental way to mindfully alter habits. Truly, since body and mind are connected, it is an UNLEARNING of both thought patterns and muscular habits that no longer serve us.  Similarly, unlike the common “doing” prevalent in the how-to books of the western world, with Alexander Technique, the organization of the whole self and the coordination of the body and the mind is attained through the power of thought and pausing – UNDOING.

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In the world we are constantly in relation with ourselves and other people and objects.  Alexander Technique is the study of the potent mind-body connection and how we can learn to use ourselves more efficiently and move with greater ease and freedom in every activity that we do. The organization of the whole self and the coordination of the body and the mind is attained through the power of thought and pausing. Alexander Technique serves to develop and encourage kinesthetic awareness that our current culture and lifestyle do not always support.   The integration of the technique into one's living positively impacts every aspect of life and is successful in remedying many overuse and misuse injuries brought on by faulty technique or imbalances in the body. This technique helps students access additional pathways to their personal practice, rehearsal and performance excellence by heightening their potent brain-body connection and renewing their innate coordination -- resulting in increased efficiency, enhanced skills and ease of movement.

The Alexander Technique guides you to ease and freedom in your movements through an increased awareness of your habitual reactions, and offers a step-by-step process leading to different choices -- and change.

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