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Having taught students of all levels from beginner to professional and from ages 6 – 86 in over three decades of education, Judith is an experienced and sought-after pedagogue. Her lesson hallmarks include ease, delight and connection. She draws on the legacies of her teachers, her time living and traveling around the globe, and her own musical struggles to craft a practical teaching style which listens and embraces the student where they are.  She offers them clarity and confidence by using both music and Alexander Technique to boost their brain-body bond. 


Judith counts her time studying and performing with the legendary Chicago Symphony brass players and teachers as the foundation of her Song and Wind approach.  These brass pedagogues include Arnold Jacobs, Vincent Cichowicz, William Scarlett both at Northwestern University and four years of Civic Orchestra trumpet sectionals, and eventually performing with the inimitable Adolph Herseth as an extra with the Chicago Symphony. Offering further mentorship and study were Susan Slaughter, and Michael Galloway, her undergraduate trumpet teacher at Mansfield University (PA).


Similarly, Judith’s four decades of studying the Alexander Technique and its life-giving approach whetted her desire to train to be an AT teacher. The 3 ½ year ATI teacher training course, including Certification with a host of world-class master teachers, provided her a resource-rich background that informs all her teaching. She finds AT’s offerings of choice and change through inhibition, awareness, observation and direction even more foundational to a brass player’s fundamentals.


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