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Lessons: Music and Alexander Technique

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LESSONS begin with Judith listening to the student and starting from where they are.

As a facilitator, she offers explorations which heighten awareness of the integrated brain-body bond.  She aids the student in pausing and rediscovering their innate coordination in an unlearning, undoing process that restores access to more of themselves. Redirecting their thinking to incorporate the body’s design further illuminates their resources, both within themselves and their environment.

Coupled with her  experiences as a musician/educator, Judith has explored Alexander Technique since 1991. She is a 2015 graduate of the North Carolina Teacher Training program of Chesapeake Bay Alexander Studies; many of her teachers come from Marjorie Barstow’s lineage. She is Certified with Alexander Technique International (ATI) and is a Registered Somatic Movement Educator (RSME) of the International Somatic Movement Education and Therapy Association (ISMETA). Through the ‘Poise Project’ Judith has offered 10-week classes to People living with Parkinson's (PLWP) and their caregivers. She is a member of Alexander Technique of the Mountain Region (ATMR) and Alexander Technique Teachers of Greater Philadelphia. (ATTGP).





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Many PERFORMERS AND PRESENTERS of all kinds take the technique, primarily because it encourages choice in every moment and actively promotes the act of undoing and unlearning our physical and mental responses through the guidance of a teacher. The teacher guides the student to ease and freedom in their movements through an increased awareness of their habitual reactions, and encourages thinking that allows for less judgment and more noticing. 

Athletes and performing artists use the technique to enhance their skills. Other applications of the technique result in reduced chronic tension and fatigue associated with office work and other daily activities. 

Judith guides students to CHOICE and NOTICING

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Alexander Technique is his proven method that increases balance, efficiency and ease of mobility in any activity.


As a 35-year musician and educator, in her residencies and classes alike, Judith incorporates mindfulness and bodyfulness by calming the nervous system and tuning into the body's wisdom, highlighting the brain-body bond.  

In group classes and workshops, Mindfulness and 'bodyfulness' are both encouraged by first calming the nervous system, tuning into the body's wisdom and then redirecting and refreshing  our thinking to incorporate the body's design. Experiential-based explorations boost the body-brain bond, increasing the students' access and ease to their 'voice' for more joy in performance and life. 


Alexander Technique is the study of the potent mind-body connection and how we can learn to use our full selves more efficiently and move with greater ease and freedom in every activity that we do. Many performers of all kinds take the technique.

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Suggested Classes

  • Your body, your brain: Creating Connection

  • Constructive rest - an active pathway to partnering with gravity to let go  

  • 20 minutes/day for Choice and Change

  • The favorite 4 “fours”: Rest, Slow, Wait, Time

  • Enhance Excellence

  • Making music mindfully

  • Awareness for Daily Activities: Computers, Marching, Lifting

  • Class with “Hands-on” component for each participant 

  • Boundary Setting:  for Workplace relationships and Time Management application

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