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Creative Offerings


We all have a creative voice. It is up to all of us to ensure that we support one another in allowing each voice free rein. Judith’s Alexander Technique teaching, qigong and contemplative studies all support the health and energy required of a creative artist. She views them as necessary components of self-care needed to balance the energy expended outwardly in performance and creativity, and weaves them into all her offerings.

Please  don't miss exploring my Recordings and Compositions tabs!

Judith relishes funneling her musical creative impulses in any number of directions: compositions, recordings, videos, programming, poetry, liturgical improvisation, and wherever the creative muse takes her. See the right-side menu for more on Camp Kool Kreativ, her latest initiative combining her passions and encouraging creativity for all, and Resources - useful books/guidance for every body from Judith and her former students.

Krazee Kreativ = Kool Kreativ

Begun in 2020 during the Pandemic, her Krazee Kreativ initiative was created to share performances of Saxton's compositions, poems, and singing to a wider audience via videos.  In 2023, Krazee Kreativ became Kool Kreativ, and remains the vessel that contains all her creative ideas.  















Summer 2023 saw the inaugural CAMP KOOL KREATIV occur with 35 young campers experiencing all that was offered. Though activities are appropriate for any age, the first of these camps was offered to rising 3rd through rising 5th graders introducing creativity, resilience and fundamental coping skills through Music, Mindfulness, Movement and Art. Emerging from the Pandemic, many young students are struggling across all socioeconomic strata. KOOL KREATIV created connections via music and movement across cultures. These experiences provided much learning and FUN!  Camp Kool Kreativ's daily closing circles, the words most frequently mentioned by these same student/campers were 'JOYPEACE, and HAPPINESS'.

To highlight community, broaden perspectives, find commonalities and appreciate and respect perceived differences, in 2023 this morning camp was offered for one week in two venues: Centenary United Methodist Church and a City Recreation Center.


Camp Kool Kreativ offers ‘INLETS’ – ways ‘in’ to access their inner resources and gain comfort and familiarity with their mind-body connection by boosting their brain-body bond via Alexander Technique, Qigong, Taiji, and movement in play; and ‘OUTLETS’ – ways to interact and relate with their outside world using their unique creative voice to compose songs through rhyme, rhythm, and dance; and through age-appropriate Art explorations. 


Further introduction to organ, jazz piano, conducting, African drumming and cross-cultural experiences in partnership with the city Recreation Center are balanced with time shared in nature in local gardens, parks and Salem Lake.


2023 Faculty

Christian Orr:

 Teaching Assistant, Conducting

 Timothy Olsen: Organ

Federico Pivetta: Jazz Piano

Abdul Muhammed:

African/Traditional Drumming

Jane Dicus: Art

Judith SaxtonProgram Director,

Lead Instructor,Trumpet

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Contributing Author/Recording Artist


Method Books:

Vincent Cichowicz - Long Tone Studies (2012), Flow Studies Volumes I (2013) and II (2015), Studio 259 Productions. Fundamental Studies for the Developing Trumpet Player (2021) Hal Leonard


Pedagogical (Teaching) books: 

Arnold Jacobs’s Legacy: Sound Advice for Developing Brass Players – Gregory Irvine (2015) Scholar Publications


Arnold Jacobs. His Artistic and Pedagogical legacies in the 21st Century – Luis E. Loubriel/Michael Grose. (2022) Scholar Publications


International Trade Magazines/Journals:

Brass Herald - Cover feature/article BH 59 (2015), ‘Music: The Gateway to God’ - author. BH 77 (2019) Philip Biggs, publisher


ITG Journals: Features/Author/Reviews


Former Student Resources:

Kyle Millsap: Modern Warm-Up Method for Trumpet. (2020) Brass Arts Unlimited. Foreword: J.A. Saxton

Greg Lloyd: DIY Music: A Practical Field Guide (2019)

Kiah Abendroth:  Beginnings (2021) Independent Release

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