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Judith Saxton


I enjoy a multi-faceted career spanning over three decades as a global musician, educator and creative artist. I have hard-won wisdom to share, and I fully understand that for the creative, the need for respite is in partnership with the need to express. 


My intention is to merge my experiences in music-making and teaching with my skills of mindfulness and movement to aid and guide those seeking the balance needed to amplify their creativity, thereby boosting their brain-body bond.

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Judith relishes building on her multi-faceted career transforming audiences, congregations, celebrations, communities, educators and students around the globe, and is excited about her next steps with her Krazee/Kool Kreativ Initiatives including CAMP KOOL KREATIV, and her continued collaborations as a guest artist for a variety of populations. She is enthused by the communicative power of music-making and the powerful impact our creativity can have to prompt choice and produce change. Her recitals regularly feature her own compositions, often utilizing her varied creative outlets including singing, and often highlighting our connection with nature and the Earth. She continues her music-making and educating by presenting this real-time model of creativity and musicianship in her recitals. A liturgical improvisor, Judith is glad to use her gifts of wind and song in the service of spirit and liturgy. 

Discover how 'unlearning' can enhance music-making and life skills

After 35 years of teaching and as a fully certified Alexander Technique Teacher, Judith developed a pedagogy unique in the US combining her Sing, Buzz, Play approach with the Chicago brass school and the Alexander Technique. Alexander Technique teacher training was the path which continued her lifelong interest in what the student is thinking while in activity, and offers students a foundation grounded in rediscovering their own resource-rich agency. She delights in guiding students to easier access of their own, unique, powerful voice. 

Brain Body Bond

On trumpet, we SING, BUZZ and PLAY to find our musicianship first. The instrument makes no sound prior to our innervating it with our musical concept, message, imagination and spirit. It is much the same with any voice, whether spoken or sung.

In ‘Boosting…’, international trumpet performer and educator Judith Saxton combines her musical experiences with Alexander Technique’s mind-body principles (Certified, ATI) to elevate musicians’ and educators’ practice and performance habits, reducing anxiety and increasing confidence via step-by-step programs.

Brain-Body Bond
Creative Offerings
Creative Offerings

Judith relishes funneling her creative impulses in any number of directions: CAMP KOOL KREATIV recordings, compositions, videos, programming, poetry, liturgical improvisation, podcasts (coming soon!), and wherever the creative muse takes her. She especially enjoys the chance to demonstrate in her solo recitals how all of life’s experiences can be fodder for her compositions.

I invite you to explore the Recordings/Compositions and Kool Kreativ STORE tabs in this section as well!

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